Learn to Knit Gloves, Parts 1-9

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Видео гид 2013 - To purchase this pattern, visit:pattern is for a warm pair of thick gloves. We use size 3 US needles and worsted weight yarn to make learning the techniques easier. After you've worked through this pattern, it will be no problem to move on to other, more complicated patterns that use smaller needles and thinner yarn, to make more delicate gloves. Video Part 1: introduction -Part 2: starting the cuff -Part 3: starting the thumb gusset -Part 4: reserving the thumb stitches -Part 5: starting the pinkie finger -Part 6: measuring the fingers and decreasing at the tops -Part 7: working the upper hand -Part 8: finishing the thumb -Part 9: weaving in the ends and finishing - качественное видео

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