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Confessions of a PANDORAHOLIC- Pandora Purchases Spring Collection 2013

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За ролик пока что никто не голосовал...

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Онлайн помощник 2013 - FOLLOW ME: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: BettinaStaanaINSTAGRAM: BettinaStaana(P.S. I accidentally cut my lip, so it looks really weird here so just ignore that LOL.)The cat's out of the hat! - One of my favorite things to "collect" (purchase, review, etc.) Is PANDORA Charms! PANDORA is a European Charm Bracelet company that creates beautiful charms, jewelry, etc.for every occasion. They're great for giving meaningful gifts, as well as receiving them. They're great personal statements, as you'll never find a Pandora bracelet the same as yours, as each says something unique about the wearer. This is my first PANDORA haul video (I don't do haul video's) but I'm so in love with their Spring 2013 Collection, specifically the fairy tale and cherry blossom themes I couldn't resist. Hopefully in the future I can a more detailed video talking about what Pandora is, the different types of bracelets, etc. A big shout out to: WhateveryouwantJordana for inspiring me to make my own Pandora video. I hope the pictures of the product during the video (since my camera couldn't focus properly up close) were clear. I'll post all the products I was talking about below:Cherry blossom clip/Pendant on a bracelet://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos...Cherry blossom murano:Coveted Cherry blossom GOLD Clip / On Gold Bracelet (Beautiful)://royaldesign.co.uk/products/92/... рейтинг видео
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