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Hongey Judaa Na Hum - Episode 17 - 8th October 2012

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За ролик пока что никто не голосовал...

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Tara gets a huge shock as she comes to know that the painting that she has ordered from a Painter is none other than Rohan and a heating argument takes place between Tara and Rohan later, Rohan was amazed as Tara remembers his name just in 1 visit later, Tara gets angry on Muskaan for not revealing her that Rohan's art gallery is right opposite her Cafe. Muskaan climbs the ladder and fights with Rohan who was working on his shop's roof later, Rohan jumps from his roof and pulls the ladder leaving Muskaan alone on the roof top. Muskaan falls from the roof top. There in Rohan's house, Tara once again threatens Rohan's family members. Will Rohan save Muskaan?It is a story of  Rediscovering LOVE... The story of a  married couple , who have faced the ups and downs of Marriage, and are suddenly  faced with a  tragedy which separates them, But only to be brought together again as  two strangers, who fall in love all over again.

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