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Episode 229 - 29-04-2010

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не нравится

За ролик пока что никто не голосовал...

Категория ролика: Самоучитель

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Shekhar believes that Laali has killed Ratna so he decides to kill Laali. But he is unable to do so and goes away leaving Laali alone on the deserted road. Siddheshwari gets news that everyone in the police jeep carrying Laali, have been killed. Siddheshwari and Gangiya rejoice. Sumitra finds an opportunity and escapes from the car. Late in the night, when Laali is sitting alone on the road, some drunken goons arrive there and begin to trouble Laali. Just then, someone shoots a bullet at them and they run away. Laali is surprised and happy to see that Shekhar has come to save her. Laali goes away from there. Gangiya makes Siddheshwari drink along with her. In an inebriated state, Siddheshwari blabbers that she was the one who handed Ratna, the pistol from Loha's room. Gangiya also states that Siddheshwari had told Raghuvendra to get Laali killed. Sumitra overhears this conversation and is shocked. She angrily tells Siddheshwari that she is responsible for Ratna's death and she will have to pay for her sins. Sumitra tries to slap Siddheshwari, but she stops her hand. Sumitra threatens to expose her.

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