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Ajoonhi Chaand Raat Aahe - Watch Full Episode 40 of 10th October 2012

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Ajoonhi Chaand Raat Aahe' is the romantic story of Reva and Anay whose love is shadowed by unknown and unexplained forces. Anay comes from a traditional royal family and Reva, is an independent, self made woman brought up in the luxuries of a city. Destiny brings them together and owing to unexpected circumstances they get married. As soon as Reva sets foot in the ancestral wada, she is faced with unexplainably strange and unpleasant occurrences. The family perceives Reva to be bringing in bad luck in the house. Reva, thus needs to prove her innocence to the family and at the same time shield her love, Anay from all visible dangers. But will she be able to save him from the unseen?

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