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1:00 Welcome everyone to today's TWiST Dublin vs. Belfast meetup!3:00 With me today to help rate the pitches is serial entrepreneur and Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar.4:00 Jason Nazar, what do you think the key to being a good presenter is?4:30 Thank you to Squarespace! Go to squarespace.com/twist and enter the codes TWiST9 to save 10%.8:00 Welcome to Dublin and Belfast, are you guys ready to pitch today?10:00 First from Dublin is Liam Ryan pitching GetHealth (http://gethealthapp.com), a game that allows people to check in to the healthy tasks they do every day.11:30 Nazar: I thought your pitch was great overall.12:00 An exact example or a statistic would have helped take the pitch to the next level.12:30 Nazar: You didn't tell us what the killer feature was.14:30 What about the idea?15:15 The scores for GetHealth: Jason gives the pitch a 7.5 and the idea an 8; Nazar gives the pitch an 8.5 and the idea a 7.5.15:45 Chris Johnston from Belfast pitches Adoreboard (http://adoreboard.com/demo), a way to predict, monitor and analyze how people feel about a brand's online presence.18:30 Nazar: You've got a meaty tech product to try to explain, but the pitch was really told in generalities.21:00 The scores for Adoreboard: Nazar gives the pitch a 7 and the idea a 7.5; Jason gives the same scores.24:00 Chris, do you know of a successful commercial product in this space?26:15 Thank you to MailChimp for supporting the show!29:15 Next from Dublin is Brendan O'Driscoll from Soundwave (http://soundwave.me), a mobile app that tracks what songs people are listening to in real time.31:00 Nazar: What's the value to the users of knowing what a song is popular in their area?31:45 Nazar gives the pitch an 8.5 and the product a 8. Jason gives both the idea and the pitch an 8.34:45 How many people are using it in the beta test right now?36:15 Next up in Belfast is Richard Johnston of Yoobikit (http://yoobiserver.appspot.com/yoobikit), an app, web and mobile communication platform for businesses and web services.37:45 Is it a native app?38:30 Nazar: I think you nailed the presentation; I loved your energy and enthusiasm.42:45 Scores: Nazar gives Yoobikit an 8.5 on the pitch and the idea a 7. Jason gives the pitch an 8 and the idea a 7.5.45:00 Richard: There is a free app for schools available.47:00 Next from Dublin is Dan Barry pitching Riffstation (http://riffstation.com), an app that calculates and displays the guitar chords synced with the original music.48:30 Nazar: I love that and I don't even play the guitar.50:30 Nazar: Are there any copyright violations if you're importing the chord progressions of these songs?51:30 Scores: Jason gives the idea a 10 and the pitch a 9. Nazar gives the idea a 9 and the pitch a 9 as well.52:30 The final pitch from Belfast is Jonathan Chesney from WorldDesk (http://myworlddesk.com), software that creates an abstraction layer on a typical computer that frees all aspects of a user's Windows workspace from the underlying OS and device.56:15 Nazar: It shares files and applications?58:30 Nazar: What are the three main user cases? What application do people need to transfer between machines?1:00:00 Scores: Jason gives the pitch a 7 and the idea an 8.5, and Nazar also gives the pitch a 7 but gives the idea an 8.1:02:00 Why do you think Jonathan will be so successful?1:03:00 Jason and Nazar have the task of trying to determine a winner.1:04:15 Nazar's #3 is GetHeath, as is Jason's. Nazar's #2 is Soundwave and his #1 is Riffstation. Jason's #2 is Yoobikit and his #1 was Riffstation.1:05:45 Dublin takes it, congratulations to them!1:07:45 What is the one thing that all of the companies should work on, Nazar?1:09:30 Thank you to Squarespace, MailChimp and Jason Nazar for joining me today. We'll see you all next time.Special Thanks to the Companies Who Made the Meetup PossibleThe Dublin event was hosted by ThousandSeeds (http://www.thousandseeds.com) in partnership with Wayra Ireland (http://ie.wayra.org/), the Telefonica O2 Startup Academy.Support This Week in Startups and independent media by joining the TWiST Producer Program at TwistList.co!Want to support TWiST another way? Use bit.ly/twistamazon when you shop and a portion of your purchase will go toward helping keep independent media like TWiST on air!Keep up with the latest from our sister company, LAUNCH:Good to Great to Excellent: A Roadmaphttp://www.launch.co/blog/good-to-great-to-excellent-a-roadmap.htmlBuilding a Better Techmemehttp://www.launch.co/blog/building-a-better-techmeme.htmlLAUNCH Looking for an Awesome Full Stack Engineer/Developerhttp://www.launch.co/blog/launch-looking-for-an-awesome-full-stack-engineerde...Live Blogging LAUNCH Education & Kids - Day Twohttp://www.launch.co/blog/live-blogging-launch-education-kids-day-two.htmlFOLLOW ON TWITTERJason C.: @jasonJason N.: @jasonnazarSquarespace: @squarespaceMailChimp: @mailchimp

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