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ChozenCams - 30! (Must Watch!) (Read Description!) watch full episode here

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READ please c:Hey Guys, really sorry for the inactivity lately. Unfortuanatly, everything that could have gone wrong getting this episode ready did go wrong, and then some. Every day for the past week we thought this episode was going to be finished, and we refrained from uploading because there is nothing worse than being a player, and having your personal episode up on featured for nearly no time. We did not want to cut short any of our members hard work. But big thanks to Rage and Wolf for this crazy dual edit, this would not be possible without them. Lastly, Chozen Cams 31 is on the way, and will be out before you know it! So stay tuned because that episode will be just as good!Editors: http://www.youtube.com/Tryhardrage http://www.youtube.com/FETlSHESSongs: Oncue - Feel Tall, Eddie B & Tim Gunter - Time Bomb

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