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Russian as Russians speak it (N.G. Krylova, N.I. Samuilova, N.A. Fedianina)Так Говорят Русские (Н.Г. Крылова, Н.И. Самуйлова, Н.А. Федянина)FOREWORD Russian As Russians Speak It aims at improving the student's command of Russian dialogue techniques and is designed for students who have worked through an elementary Russian course and who wish to develop their aural compreehension and speech habits. The student is assumed to have mastered the fundamentals of Russian pronunciation and intonation, the formation and meaning of the most essential nominal and verbal forms, the basic syntactical structures, and to have a command of an elementary Russian vocabulary. This course is based on topics and situations. It consists of 11 sections dealing with everyday topics, each topic presented in microsituations in which a foreigner may find himself in a Russian linguistic environment. The purpose of this course is to help the student assimilate typical speech formulas generally used in such situations, master the Russian speech "etiquette" within the limits set by this course, and improve his pronunciation and intonation. Each of the 11 seetions is divided into lessons based on dialogues (there are usually 3, sometimes 2, dialogues in each lesson), dealing with one and the same situation. They generally consist of 6-8 responses and are to be regarded as standards of speech behaviour in similar situations. Each dialogue is provided with exercises which extend its vocabulary and grammar, give variations for the responses it consists of (short and complete answers, negative and affirmmative forms of questions, responses with normal and inverted word order, etc.) and introduce additional situations. All dialogues and models have been recorded on gramophone records (in the text they are marked with an asterisk and should be listened to and repeated by the student without reference to the text. Each section is concluded by a topical Russian-English vocabulary and at the end of the book there is a compreehensive Russian-English vocabulary. The Russian text is accented throughout. Russian As Russians Speak lt can be studied either with or without a teacher.Other tags: СССР Союз Советских Социалистических Республик Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR Moscow Москва Учебник Русского Языка Министерстово Культуры Мелодия Всесоюзная фирма Грампластинок lessons languages learning ultimate linguistics comprehension understand understanding class classes communism communist party URSS rep?blicas socialistas sovi?ticas das di?logos speaking speaker native grammar manual Так Говорят Русские Federacion Federation Federa??o russa russisch russe Sprache Lernen als as Fremdsprache foreign russen russische melodia melodiya

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