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Emo Girl - House full of girls AssJigg

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За ролик пока что никто не голосовал...

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FOLLOW me on TWITTERhttp://twitter.com/OlgaKay?Collab w/Apartment REDhttp://bit.ly/aaSQa5&http://bit.ly/90HLQBTheme song byhttp://www.youtube.com/charliesvlogsYOUTUBE CHANNELShttp://youtube.com/OlgaKay2http://youtube.com/OlgaKaysiphonehttp://youtube.com/MushkaKayONLINE STOREhttp://olgakaydesigner.spreadshirt.com?CONNECT with me?http://OlgaKay.com?http://twitter.com/OlgaKay?http://facebook.com/OlgaKayFanshttp://imdb.com/name/nm1748530http://myspace.com/olgajuggler?http://dailybooth.com/OlgaKayMY IPHONE APP?http://bit.ly/olgakayapp???OlgaKay ?P.O.BOX 17782Van Nuys, CA 91416See you guys next time!!!?Hugs?Olga aka MOOSH mommyJigg is laying on the couch reading japaneseRazor walks into the roomflies into the bed like a fishJigg: HI Stacy!!!Razor freaks out jumps upRazor: WHO ARE yoU?Jigg: I'm Jigg, ur new roomate.Razor: I dont want you.Jigg: ohhh... Door opensRazor snaps her headBubb: Jigg, look what I found downstairs.Razor: Oh no, another power puff girl?Bubb: I love power puff girlsrazor looks like ughhh then starts looking around the room freaking out on the bedRazor: safety pin? What did you do with my safety pin?Bub: I didnt see any safety pinsRazor: its not safety PINS, Its my friend Safety PINJigg: what does he look like?Razor: he is a cute cat with skulls all over himreactions of bubb and jiggJigg: this one???CRAZY RAZOR LOOKRazor: what is he doing in ur ass?Jigg: he wasnt doing anythingOlgaKay walks inOlga: hey ladies, oh you've met Razor bladeRazor: why are those 2 fruit cakes are in my room?Olga: They're our roomatesRazor: I dont want a roomate Olga: well you still dont have a job so you'll have to deal with itRazor: she put safety pin in her assJigg: heheh no i didnt.Razor: This yellow one is running about the house stealing our taboo gameBubb: I wasnt stealing Razor: If safety pin tells me something about you I will throw you out of this balconyOlga: WOULD you SHUT THE F*CK UPeveryone is in shockOlga: fuck is a bad word girls reaction of girlsOlga: I dont usually get mad like this but RAZOR BLADE if you dont shut the fuck up, you'll end up living in a cardboard box outside Razor looks like WTFOlga: now get to know each other and become friends (gives Razor a look)Blank looks from girlscloses the doorRazor: she is just kidding she loves meHey guysFirst of all I want to say thank you to all of you that are on my facebook that said Olga, Razor Blade needs to meet the twins.then some of you said oh yeah ThreesumRazor blade should fall for Jigg, umm i'm not sure about that yetand then Jeff is like DID YOU GET UR TOILET FIXED? and no I didnt, I still go outside on my porch but the neighbors like the view :)Then I saw a bunch of random commentsand then I was like O M G its monday night and I havent filmed anything yet. but I'm glad I got to finish this video on time and I hope you enjoed it.and I totally forgot about OlgaKay before her butt got big segment so here you gooh look thats me with a BOW on my head, and just incased you wondered where the xmas trees come from, they come from space Also I did a fun collab with the Apartment RED guys the links to their videos below check them out and say MOOSH ARMY is here to say MOOOOSH or something like that.and I'll see you guys next weekMOOSHHHHHHHHHHH

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